Welcome to Sphynx Swap

Many cryptocurrency projects are claiming their stakes within the crypto space and making their marks. Some of these projects have achieved remarkable stature and help in the widespread adoption of cryptocurrency. Still, there are other projects with potential for eye-popping influence and opportunities, we are one of them.

Sphynx Swap prides itself on being the first people-driven community set out to make cryptocurrency both usable and rewarding for people. They also offer the quickest swap within the crypto space, allowing users to trade in a short time for as little amount as possible.

We offer an all-in-one service and solution which includes farming, staking, and holding on a combined wallet that allows community members to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience on the platform as investors can check their assets farms, staking portals, and dynamic charts.

What Is It About?

While blockchain networks like Ethereum have grown popular and are seeing millions troop in to enjoy their high-value cryptocurrencies, their fees have proven to be a hurdle, limiting the participation of smaller transactions and preventing widespread adoption, which is why we chose to launch on the Binance Smart Chain.

The general adoption of crypto has seen an increase in trading, staking, and farming platforms. Yet, most of the users on these platforms have limited knowledge. They are somewhat mediocre in their understanding of crypto and this has made it difficult for newbies to dive into the booming crypto market. This is exactly what we’re out to solve. To make the process faster and more fun for the new guys!

How Do WeWork?

Rather than perform different actions on different platforms, how about staying on one and doing it all? Our platform works so that investors can perform trades in 10 seconds or less. This process is achieved through an automated configuration process on Sphynx that offers investors a quick swap that costs a tiny fee.

What Are Our Features?

One feature that makes our platform special is that it offers the smallest fee in the market. Given the ongoing conversation over high fees on centralised exchanges (CEXs) and the solutions provided by DEXs, Sphynx will not request any fee on its swap for the first 24 hours of operation. Besides the network fees, charges will not be made for withdrawals and transfers to give users a better experience.

The Sphynx Dividend is a weekly distribution to holders from the swap fees, termed. This means half the fees are redistributed to holders. Also, Sphynx provides an instant cryptocurrency exchange without the need for application registration, as well as a farming and staking mechanism through which users can earn Sphynx tokens.

Undoubtedly, we are out to change the ecosystem and give a more rewarding experience to users. Visit our website for more information and join our Telegram community to stay up to date with the latest news.

Sphynx is a DEX on the BSC. We offer the fastest trades with the lowest fees. Our all-in-one platform is a one-stop solution for your crypto investment needs